“Katie was a vital part of this project from day one. She has a fantastic sense of story and a strong sensitivity when it comes to dealing with difficult issues and vulnerable protagonists. Virunga would not have turned into the film it did without Katie’s input throughout the filmmaking process”
Orlando von Einsiedel, director of Oscar nominated ‘Virunga’

“She has a great eye for story and for detail, and often editors can only see one, not the other. Editing is a conversation – with the Director and with the audience, and Katie is one of the world’s great conversationalists. She will completely and utterly commit to your project and make it better than you could have ever hoped.”

Jon Drever, director of Loco Discovery Award Winning Film ‘SuperBob’

“Katie is patient and funny and diligent and thorough and a very, very good editor. But she does need feeding every three hours or she goes odd”

Brett Goldstein, writer and star of ‘SuperBob’ 



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