Moon Shot Episode 2: Germany – Part-Time Scientists

The second episode of the Moon Shots films was actually the first we shot and therefore became the template for all the films. All the films are unique to each other in style but getting the balance between the human story and the science in them all started with this film. The human stories behind all the teams of scientists are universal and it was really important that these were the basis so that the films were accessible to all. But we didn’t want to forget the science and technology and, in the short space of time we had, we tried to make the complex science accessible too.

The German team were wonderful! They were so funny and I hope their very dry humour comes across. They are passionate about sharing information and this openness is reflected in their city Berlin which I love. I was lucky enough to be on the shoot. Robert Bohme is such a great spokesman for the team. They also made our life easier because they have a working rover so we could satisfy people’s curiosity about the science. Many of the teams haven’t got to that stage yet so it was harder to make the science and technology interesting and entertaining without visuals. The balance was just right in this film and, beside for the odd tin hat wearer, people love it!



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