The Divide and Synergy

A number of years ago I read about a documentary, The Divide, that was in early production about the huge inequality between rich and poor in the US and the UK. They were crowdsourcing funds and I gave a few quid because they seemed passionate about the subject and determined to make the film. I would get the odd email about how it had progressed and was thrilled to see that it had been finished this year. Last Monday I got an email with a list of screenings of it around the country that evening.

That same day I was booked by the lovely Banyak Films to edit a short doc for the Guardian about a solar road. I didn’t know who the director was and turned up ready to meet her. She apologised for being late but had been busy promoting her new feature doc… The Divide! That evening I went to see it after work in Hackney. The next day I got my own personal Q&A in the edit suite which was probably a tad annoying for Katharine Round, the director. It was great working with her on the short this week and I will post that up when it goes online.

It’s a really important and very moving film with incredible characters, and I urge people to see it.


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